Currently I am bleeding. With this, I have felt a real need to slow down and retreat from the world. I love this part of my cycle.

I am also bleeding in line with the new moon, which is called White Moon. If you also bleed at this time, you may feel more intuitive as well, and potentially feel like you need a time out. You’ve given the rest of the month all of you, and it’s time to rejuvenate.

If you bleed on the full moon, this is called the Red Moon. Women who menstruate during this phase are said to be more outwardly focused, and more focused on creativity, mentor-ship and personal development. They are linked to shamanism, healers and high priestess.

The archetype of the feminine associated with this week of your monthly cycle is the Crone or Wise Woman. She requires you to slow right down, as she is slow, and older ~ wise.

As mentioned above, you may feel more intuitive during this phase. A need to go within, to cancel plans and just be with yourself.

Connecting with this part of your cycle, personally gives me space to really connect to what it truly means to be a woman.

My body is shedding. Death. Ready for renewal to commence the process again.

I never used to like my period much as a younger woman. I found the discomfort and inconvenience so frustrating, and would regularly make comments like ‘I wish I was a guy’. Wow! Totally neglecting myself and the absolute beauty it is to be woman.

It is believed that the calendar was created from a woman’s menstrual cycle, as it also coincides with the moon’s phases. In astrology the moon represents the feminine. No surprises there when our cycles coincide with the moon. In your birth chart the moon represents your mother.

So how can you connect to this stage of your cycle?

  • Learn to love your period. Listen to your body during this stage and don’t skimp on any self care you need. Completely over indulge if you like.
  • Create a ritual from it ~ bubble baths, essential oils, massages, candles, wheat heat packs, yummy food.

Last night, I had a bath with Epsom salt (great for aching muscles) and an essential oil specific for your menstrual cycle. I also rub another oil on before bed, over my womb for relaxation. My beautiful wheat heat pack is my new best friend for the first few days of my bleed. I light candles, read tarot and meditate.I usually spend the first day or two alone as I feel exhausted.When I have a partner, I tend to get his hand and place it on my womb also whilst we are in bed. Heat and love. Yum.

  • Cancel plans if you feel the need.
  • Meditate specifically to connect to your spirit guides.
  • Joining a woman’s circle might be something you’d like to try too
  • Spend time admiring the way your body has aged.


The wise woman symbolises ageing, and potentially why this particular archetype doesn’t get a lot of attention. I encourage us all to love our ageing bodies. Wisdom comes with age.

In some cultures, men worshiped a woman’s pussy at an altar, the older the woman the more sacred the pussy.

There is nothing to fear with ageing and not potentially looking as young and youthful as we once did. With age comes a solidarity within self, it is such a calming place to be.

The more I have connected to myself, my intuition and in particular my Pussy, I truly have loved growing older.

There is no surprise why younger men have expressed they prefer dating older women.

This phase of our cycle is our rite of passage to being a woman. Historically women would gather during this phase. Spending time together alone, away from men.

How do you connect to this week of your cycle?

Who are your favorite Crone/Wise Women? I just love Jane Fonder and Helen Mirren, but above all my mother.

L xx

Lauren Blundell