Hey! I’m Lauren, a relationship and intimacy coach with one goal in mind: To help both men and women experience more intimate and connected relationships.


My vision is to empower people to live a life full of love, intimacy and sacred sexual fullness and it is my passion to help people bring desire back into their relationships – both with themselves and with their partner.


As a qualified human behaviour profiler and human behaviour specialist, I’m highly experienced in helping my clients move from a place of confusion, pain and helplessness to a state of bliss, love and wholeness in their relationship.


Though many clients come to me when they can sense that despite still being in love, things ‘just aren’t like they used to be’, there are also those who are seeking help for the physical signs of a struggling relationship:

  • Couples who have experienced infidelity
  • Communication breakdown
  • Sexual intimacy has decreases or completely disappeared
  • Stress post childbirth
  • Withdrawal / disconnection from partner and relationship
  • Couples who are considering divorce
  • Anxiety/Depression from unhappy relationship
  • Sexual dysfunction / unable to reach orgasm


It’s my pleasure to connect with those looking to restore their sense of sexual fun, intimacy and love. Give me a call today to get in touch and find out more about relationship and intimacy coaching.


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