My personal experience with anxiety is that it’s my bodies way of showing me I am out of alignment. I see it as a gift, to realign me back to where I am supposed to be. Feeling, speaking, seeing love.

Your anxiety is wanting you to connect with some part of yourself that you have forgotten is true, beautiful and worthy…

So, what is it about sex that causes you to be anxious?

This answer will be different for everyone.

When we strip back the layers of our ‘stories’ that have us believing we are not sexy enough, slim enough, good looking enough, experienced enough to have sex;

And we expose what caused these feelings of unworthiness;

We will find an event, from probably long ago that has nothing to do with sex, or maybe it will. I can’t predict, as we are all different.

Finding this moment in time where you most likely created a belief that is now limiting you from feeling confident, empowered and relaxed to make love. Instead you feel anxious, worried, scared

The best ways to overcome anxiety I recommend:

1.    See a coach / therapist, one that you trust and resonate with. Go deep on this and uncovering what is the cause of your anxiousness.

2.    Start a meditation practice, in general

3.    Start a mediation and/or breathe work practice before making love with your partner. Mediation calms the mind and anxiety starts in the mind. Mediation or breath work are an amazing way to connect with your body and clear your mind before engaging in physical love making

4.    Communicate, over communicate pre during and post sex. Share what is going on for you, how you are feeling and constantly tell your partner what you need

5.    Start with an eye gazing exercise to connect you

Sex is so much more than just the physical genital rubs.

Connection must be key here, not orgasms.

Connecting with yourself, connection with your body, then connecting with your partner.

Trust this helps

L xx

Lauren Blundell