The Virgin/Maiden Archetype of the feminine becomes present in us after our period has ended and during the follicular phase / pre-ovulation phase of our menstrual cycle.

Depending when a women’s menstrual cycle is (Full Moon or New Moon) this phase of your cycle will be during the Wax or Wanning of the lunar cycle.

It is the more masculine of the feminine archetypes and where we tend to feel more creativity, aliveness, focus, assertive and heightened sexual energy.

The Virgin/Maiden archetype also longs for intimacy in her relationships, which personally I have felt heighten during this phase of my cycle. You may also feel your sexual energy heighten, I definitely have noticed a peak! 😉

This is the ‘get stuff done’ archetype and phase of our menstrual cycle. Personally I love this phase, I feel more alert, have more clarity and want to take over the world. My training is better in the gym as well.

So how to embody and enjoy this phase of your cycle?

  • Make plans and think logically, as previously mentioned this Archetype is the most masculine.
  • Be assertive – ask for what you want.
  • Dress and adorned yourself so you feel strong, active and powerful.
  • Celebrate others, this maiden has had a bad wrap of being self-centered in the past. So take time out to celebrate your girlfriends / family wins.
  • Take the time to get to know yourself and your unique gifts. The maiden doesn’t follow the crowd, she uses her individual self to her fullest capacity.

Use this Archetype to propel yourself forward more easily. To kick some goals and tick some things off your ‘To Do’ list.  Use this archetype to ask for what you want in life, business, relationship.  I am not encouraging you to be aggressive or arrogant.  Be lovingly assertive.

This is a beautiful phase to be in, especially since you have just spent days to a week going within, slowing down and retreating during the Wise Woman phase.

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L xx

Lauren Blundell