“You can’t be successful in your career and successful in love”

“If you are successful in your career men will find you intimidating”

“If you are successful in your career you won’t have time for love”

“If you are successful in your career it will be harder to find a man on your level; financially and academically”

These are just some of the bullshit beliefs society has brainwashed women into believing if they have career success.

So either; dumb down their potential or reside to the fact that if they are a high achiever and have climbed the corporate ladder it will limit them in love.

The real reason you aren’t successful in love whilst also being a boss lady is due to the fact you have bought into these limiting beliefs above.

The other reason could be because you date below your level in an attempt to find anyone.

You lower your standards to better your average.

Smart game plan although the results are frustrating aren’t they?

Constantly dating boys with no purpose for their life

No drive
No money
No future plans

I call these guys hyenas. Their charm is alluring, with their funny jokes, and big smiles.

Hyenas hang around after the lions have made a kill to pick up the scraps

Hyenas in the dating world; hang around you and drain of your time, energy and money.

Would a Lioness mate with a hyena in the jungle?

So why would you date a hyena in the dating world?

A Lioness needs a Lion

A king
A protector
A man

Whether society, your parents, friends, work colleagues or boss has planted a little seed in your mind allowing this very limited belief to grow rapidly and influencing the way you show up on your relationships

Isn’t true success defined by all the aspects of your life that you decided you wanted to excel in, believed you can have and went out and made it happen?

L x

Lauren Blundell