Being in a relationship can be the most amazing feeling!  The feeling of security, love, contentment and joy. Knowing that there is one person who holds your secrets, desires, sees your flaws and chooses to love you any way.

Sometimes relationships can leave you feeling drained, like you aren’t appreciated, understood and loved the way you want to be.

You scratch your head thinking ‘Is this it’ or ‘How did we get here’

You wonder why you feel so alone even though you are lying next to your partner at night

You wonder if other people feel like this in their relationship, or is it just you.  Your special individualised hell that you can’t speak about in fear of being judged

Forgetting that relationships should never be a place you go to take love, it is never about what you can get from it.  If your relationship is based on what you are getting and not what you are GIVING then you are heading for pain and suffering.  You will only focus on yourself and what your partner is not giving you, instead of what you are to be giving them.

Relationships that are full of intimacy, love and passion understand that they’re responsibility is to GIVE all their love to their partner no matter what and light them up. Own their soul and take care of their emotional desires on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

There are three levels of a relationship:

Level 1: Both people are only interested in what they will GET out of the relationship.  They are in the relationship for their own selfish needs and nothing more.

Level 2: The couple will compromise at this level. ‘I will give you this, if you give me that’  – like a business transaction – most relationships reside on this level.

Level 3: Unconditional love.  Both couples focus on loving the other unconditionally. The focus is on GIVING not TAKING from each other. It is based on Growth and Contribution together as a team.

I can hear you ask – How do we develop our relationship to Level 3?

Now ask yourself honestly:

Which level are you and your partner at?

What can both you do to take your relationship to level 3?

What commitments can you make today to ensure that you stay at level 3?

Trust this has been valuable.

If you need some assistance to move your relationship to level 3 please email me

Lauren x

Lauren Blundell