Why Can’t I Orgasm?

When all your friends can recall late night steamy hot sex stories with their partners you are left wondering: Why Can’t I even Orgasm?

You may be left thinking; ‘What is wrong with me?’ or ‘Maybe I just fit into that 84% of women who CAN’T have an orgasm?’

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, sadly you aren’t alone although the good news is that there is something you can do about it.

Many women I work with talk to me about their sexual dissatisfaction in their relationship.

Interestingly though, many of these women do not know much about their Vulva, Vagina, Clitoris and their G-Spot.

Orgasm? What orgasm?

Some also do not know what they like sexually, or understand how their bodies is wired for sex.  Some don’t self pleasure and many believe that sex is for a man’s pleasure and so, sex is finished once he does.

Unfortunately, when you are dissatisfied in the bedroom it is easier to point the finger and lay blame on your partner for their lack in ability to please.

When in fact, it is you. It is always you.

Your sexual pleasure is your responsibility.

It is your responsibility to know your body and what you like

It is your responsibility to then show, tell or demonstrate to your partner how you like it

It is your responsibility to understand your self, and what you need in any given moment.

We have been led to believe from the very moment we make love with our partners it must be amazing and flawless.  An orgasm must come easily or you aren’t connected.

The truth is, sex is awkward, weird, vulnerable and fun however, It is never taught in ways that are empowering, providing safe containers for exploration which has results in society almost fearing pleasure.

Just imagine what sex would be like if you understood your body and knew exactly what you like to make each experience sexually pleasurable. You laid naked completely confident in your own skin surrendering how your partner is exploring your body.

Sounds pretty amazing huh?

You can have this.  You can be THAT woman.

You ARE that woman!

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L xx

Lauren Blundell