When it comes to sex, some people prefer groups.


And when it comes to growing into a life full of love, intimacy and sacred sexual fullness, the same rings true.


If you’re looking for an open, safe space to solve the challenges in your sex life, then live workshops with Lauren Blundell provide a safe, accepting environment for exploring and enhancing your sexual empowerment.


Over a 3-hour workshop with Lauren and your other group members, you’ll explore:

  • Your relationship to yourself and what holds you back from the intimacy you know is possible.
  • Your relationship to your partner and what they truly desire in a successful relationship.
  • Your relationship to your own sexual pleasure and desire and how to connect deeply with this part of yourself in a way so many never experience.


Please note: Live workshops with Lauren Blundell are a highly respectable, safe and trust-driven environment. Genital touching, nudity and sexual behaviour are strictly off limits, providing a safe space for attendees to open up, discuss and ideally solve their current relationship and intimacy challenges together.

Lauren’s workshop was just brilliant. It was a small intimate group, where every member had the chance to discuss things openly and felt safe to share, without any judgement.  It really got to the heart of relationships and broke down our roles, personalities and the psychology behind our behaviours.  I learnt a lot and came away feeling empowered and energised. 


Why did I choose Lauren? I chose Lauren as her no-nonsense approach was exactly what I needed. If I had to describe Lauren as a coach I would say this. she is passionate, supportive, understanding, knowledgeable, direct and a straight up sweetheart who really knows how to work with you not just for you.


. I have had many golden nuggets I’ve taken away from our sessions and on areas of my life I’ve previously spent lots of time doing my own inquiry. The power of having someone else guide you through is incredible. Lauren’s warmth and curiosity was just what I need to feel super equipped and ready to move through things with grace.


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